Poem by Imamuna al-Shafi’i r.d.a

A beautiful poem by our blessed Imam radiyallahu ‘anh on his deathbed recited in front of Imam al Muzani rda.

Lyrics & Translation :

إلـيــك إلـــه الـخـلـق أرفــــع رغـبـتــي

وإن كـنـتُ يــا ذا الـمــن والـجــود مـجـرمـ

ولـمــا قـســا قـلـبـي وضـاقــت مـذاهـبــي

جـعـلـت الـرجــا مـنــي لـعـفـوك سـلـمــا
فـمـا زلــتَ ذا عـفـو عــن الـذنـب لــم تـزل
تــجــود و تـعــفــو مــنـــة وتـكــرمــا
ألــســت الــــذي غـذيـتـنـي وهـديـتـنــي
ولا زلــــت مـنـانــا عــلـــيّ ومـنـعـمــا
عـسـى مــن لــه الإحـســان يـغـفـر زلـتــي
ويـسـتــر أوزاري ومــــا قــــد تـقــدمــا
فــإن تـعـف عـنــي تـعــف عـــن مـتـمـرد
ظــلــوم غــشــوم لا يــزايـــل مـأتــمــا
و إن تنـتـقـم مــنــي فـلـســت بــآيــس
ولـــو أدخـلــوا نـفـسـي بـجــرم جـهـنـمـا
فصيـحـا إذا مــا كــان فـــي ذكـــر ربـــه
وفيما سواه في الورى كان أعجما
يـقــول: حبـيـبـي أنـــت سـؤلــي وبغـيـتـي
كـفــى بـــك للـراجـيـن ســـؤلا ومـغـنـمـا
أصـــــون ودادي أن يـدنــســه الـــهـــوى
وأحــفــظ عــهــد الــحـــب أن يـتـثـلـمـا
فـفـي يقظـتـي شــوق وفــي غـفـوتـي مـنــى
تــلاحــق خــطــوي نــشــوة وتـرنــمــا
فـجـرمـي عـظـيـم مـــن قـديــم وحــــادث
وعـفــوك يـأتــي الـعـبـد أعـلــى وأجـسـمـا

I submit my hopes to You, O Lord of all creation,

Though I am, O The Provider, Most Generous, a sinner,

When my heart is hardened, and my life is constricted,

I turn to my submission as the way to Your pardon,

Thus when You, The All-forgiving, wipe clean my continuing sins,

Your gift and Your clemency is a boon and an exaltation to me.

Is it not You who nourishes me, guides me?

Therefore cease not your benevolence and bounty to me,

May those who have obtained excellence forgive me my trespass,

And parade not my wrongdoings and things that have passed.

Should You forgive me, O Lord, absolve me of my treachery,

My injustice, that will be pardoned not on the day when grief is recollected,

But should you recompense my wrongs with your torment, still I will not lose hope,

Even as my trespass lands me in the Fire.

He is the one who speaks only in remembrance of his Lord,

And when he is with others in this world, he is silent,

Thus he says, “O my love, You are the One I beseech to, on Whom I place my faith,

Enough is You for those in need for their dependence and their pleas”.

Thus I defend my love, though they be tainted with worldly lust,

Thus I protect this promise of devotion, marred though they may be,

In my waking moments, I pine for You, In my slumber, I hope for You,

Walking beside me, full of hope,

Thus though my sins are mountainous, then and now,

Your forgiveness for Your Slave is most high and most noble


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