Imam Jalaluddin al Mahalli

Imam Jalaluddin al Mahalli, was well known for the exegesis of the Holy Qur’an, later completed by his renowned student al Hafiz Jalaluddin al Suyuti and was known worldwide as Tafsir al Jalalayn!

Imam Jalaluddin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Ibrahim bin Ahmad bin Hashim al Jalal al Mahalli al Qahiri al Shafi’i was born in Shawwal 971H in Cairo.

Imam Jalaluddin al Mahalli studied under Siraj al Din Ibn al Mulaqqin, Siraj al Din al Bulqini, Burhan al Din Ibrahim al Abnasi, al Hafiz Ibn Hajar al Asqalani, Ala’ al Din al Bukhari and Shams al Din al Bisathi.

Aside from his famous book of tafsir, Imam Jalaluddin al Mahalli also authored al Badr al Thali’ bi Sharh Jam al Jawami’, a Sharh ( Explanation ) of Imam al Subki’s book on Usul al Fiqh!

He also wrote the book Kanz al Raghibin Sharh Minhaj al Talibin of Imam Nawawi important text on Shafi’i fiqh and Sharh al Waraqat of Imam al Juwaini’s famous text.

Among his students were al Hafiz Jalaluddin al Suyuti, al Hafiz Shams al Din al Sakhawi, Nur al Din al Samnudi, Imam Muhammad ibn Qasim al Ghazi and many others!

His friends in Cairo said that al Mahalli has a brain more illustrious than a diamond!

Al Hafiz al Suyuti describing  his teacher, said” he ( al Mahalli ) was following the footsteps of the Salaf, enjoining goodness and piety, striving towards ma’ruf and forbidding mungkar acts. Rulers in Cairo wished to seek his audience but he always refuse them.”

Once, a ruler in Cairo wish to provide Imam al Mahalli with some clothings and money but he refuse, saying “I do not seek wealth! I’m proud of my poverty!

After al Hafiz Ibn Hajar al Asqalani‘s death, the ruler in Cairo wished that Imam al Mahalli replace him as al Qadi al Akbar but Imam al Mahalli refused to accept it and told his colleagues, ” I can’t bear the heat of Hellfire!

Imam al Mahalli fell sick in the mid of Ramadan 863H and passed away on a Saturday, in the month of Muharram 864H, rahimahullah wa radiyallahu ‘anhu.


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  1. sarah saodah salamah

    the book was alittle hard….but when i understand,it make me so easy 2 learn it…

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