Adab of Saum

Amongst the adab of fasting are :

  1. To break the fast as soon as the time for Maghrib arrived. It is sunnah to break fast with dates or at least with a drink of water. This is in accordance with the hadith of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as narrated by Al Shaykhain, Imam Al Bukhari ( 1856 ) and Imam Muslim ( 1098 )  
  2. To eat  Sahur since it have been narrated that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said that there is a blessing in having sahur.
  3. Postphone the sahur until it is almost time of Subuh prayer.
  4. To avoid saying bad things such as slander, fitna and such.
  5. To make the janabah ghusl before fajr.
  6. To give food to people to break their fast with.
  7. To give alms.
  8. To say the commonly known prayer during iftar –                                         اللهم لك صمت، وعلى رزقـك أفطـرت، ذهـب الظمأ، وابتلـت العـروق، وثبت الأجر إن شاء الله

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