Saum : Obligation ( فرض )

There are four oblogations concerning fasting ( صوم )

  1. Intention –  which should be clarified, timely and determined! Imam Ibnu Daqiq elaborates by clarifying it means to clarify that you are fasting the fard of Ramadan, by timely meaning you make your intention at night and by being determined you must be sure that the day you are going to fast is a day of Ramadan. If you make intention on the night  of yaum al- shak without being certain that tomorrow is a day of Ramadan then your intention is not valid.
  2. Refrain from eating and drinking – so those who ate or drank due to forgetfulness it does’t nullify the fast!
  3. Refrain from having sexual intercouse
  4. Refrain from vomiting – unintentional vomitting doesn’t nullify the fast either!

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