Silsilah Fiqh Shafi’iyyah

I was reading the book Tuhfah Al Talibin by Imam ‘Ala’ uddin Ibn Al ‘Attar, the closest student of Imam Muhyiddin Yahya Al Nawawi and I discovered in the book, the silsilah of Shafi’i fiqh up to Imam Nawawi rha. Imam Nasir Al Sunnah Muhammad bin Idris Al Shafi’i taught Imam Abi Ibrahim Ismail Al Muzani, who taught Imam Abil Qasim Al Anmati who taught Imam Abil Abbas Ahmad Ibnu Suraij who taught Imam Abu Ishaq Al Marwazi who taught Imam Abil Hasan Al Masarjasi who taught Al Qadi Abil Tayyib Al Tabari who taught Shaykh Abi Ishak Al Shirazi who taught Al Qadi Abi Ali Al Faruqi who taught Shaykh Abi Sa’ad Abdullah bin Abi ‘Asrun Al Mawsuli who taught Imam Abdul Rahman bin Uthman who was Ibnul Salah’s father who taught his son Ibnul Salah who was Abi ‘Amru Uthman bin Abdul Rahman who taught Imam Abu Ibrahim Ishaq Al Maghribi, Abu Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Maqdisi, Abu Hafs Umar Al Raba’i Al Arbili. These three last syuyukh taught Imam Abi Zakariya Yahya Al Nawawi. This is the tariq of the ‘Iraqiyyin.


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