Categories of Najis

According to the Shafi’i school of fiqh, najasat is divided into two type :

  • Najasat ‘Ainiyyah – najis which you can see the substance, which you can witness it’s physical features such as colour or smell, such as feces, urine or blood.
  • Najasat Hukmiyyah – najis which you could not see anymore it’s substance, such as urine which dirties your clothing but dries up.

There are three categories of najasat as most of us know:

  1. Mughallazah – the najis of dog and pig and their offsprings. It is termed as mughallazah since it doesn’t suffice cleansing it with just water alone once but seven times one of which is with soil.
  2. Mukhaffafah – the urine of an infant boy under 2 years of age who feeds only on milk. The method of cleansing it is after removing the substance of the najis, you only need to sprinkle water on the area of the najis without the need of running water as stated in the hadith of Imam Bukhari (2021) and Imam Muslim (287).
  3. Mutawassitah – all najasat excluding the two mentioned above.

WalLahu Subhanahu wa Ta’ala a’lam.


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