Safinah al Naja

A small kitab which is widely used in the Malay archipelago. Small but nevertheless very informative and valuable. Written by al ‘Allamah al-Shaykh Abdullah bin Sa’ad bin Sumair al Hadrami al Shafi’i

A brother has translated the kitab into English and you can look it up at Majmu’. The content covers all the basic tenets of Islam as follows

  1. Pillars of Islam
  2. Pillars of Iman
  3. Hukm Shar’i (Legal Rulings)
  4. Meaning of “There is no god but Allah”
  5. Book of Purification ( Tahara )
  6. Book of Prayer ( Salat )
  7. Book of Fasting ( Sawm )
  8. Book of Obligatory Charity ( Zakat )
  9. Book of Hajj
  10. Extra Notes on Hajj and Visiting the Prophet (SAW)

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